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Broad Brook Brewing company

We Are Craft Beer Enthusiasts!

Broad Brook Brewing Company - local craft beer, brick oven pizzaWelcome to Broad Brook Brewing Company! We’re Suffield, Connecticut’s number one choice for local craft beer, malt beverages, and brick oven pizza!

Born in a garage in Broad Brook CT, Broad Brook Brewery made its debut in East Windsor in October 2013. After a lengthy expansion and construction period, our new brewery, taproom, and full kitchen are open in Suffield, CT, just North of Bradley Airport, in the heart of Connecticut’s Tobacco Valley. Here we meld New England traditions and experience with our ingenuity and creative boldness to produce a unique series of Ales and Lagers. We’re just homegrown folks who love to make great beer!

The atmosphere at Broad Brook Brewing Company is warm, relaxed and festive. It’s a place for good people, good times, good craft burgers and beer!

Lagers, and Top Ales, and Beers, Oh My!

Our vision is to be the brewery of choice for other locals and visitors that love great-tasting, local craft beer. We plan to get there by creating the finest selection of craft beers with consistent taste and the highest standard of quality in the marketplace. When you’re looking for the finest local craft beer, the best stouts, IPAs, and lagers, Broad Brook Brewing has got you covered. Many of our thirsty customers will tell you that a trip to Broad Brook Brewing is the secret to happiness. We suspect that’s because our master brewers have discovered the secret to hoppiness!

Our state of the art facility features two brewing systems, a 30 Barrel production system where we make almost 1000 gallons in a batch along with our 3 Barrel pilot system that makes 90 gallons in a batch. Our brewers are experts in their craft and always go the extra mile to please all students of suds. So whether you’ve got a bachelors in berliners, a masters in malt, or a doctorate in drafts, you agree that Broad Brook Brewery makes the grade!


We think there’s something special about drinking beer at the place it is brewed. A proper taproom isn’t just a place to knock back a brew. A visit to a top rate taproom should be an experience, a place to meet up with friends to remember a great day, or forget a bad one.

Our taproom and covered patio are the perfect hangout spot! Tucked away in Suffield, Connecticut, it’s a great place to watch football, have parties, and try out some of our great fare! Our brick oven pizza menu’s 12 selections, beer chili, craft burgers, and pork sliders are just a sampling of the mouthwatering dishes prepared by our executive chef. Our entire menu is available for take out all the time.

There are many benefits of pizza made in a brick oven which cannot be duplicated in a conventional oven:

Higher cooking temperature – Heat radiates out from the heat source, is spread around the oven, and ultimately absorbed by the interior brick walls. By keeping a continuous small fire going on inside the oven, these temperatures can be maintained. A really good pizza is made in this environment.

Faster cooking time – Because of the high heat stored in the dense walls, the brick oven is designed to cook pizza very quickly. It takes two to three minutes maximum for the pizza to cook!

Better crust – At such high temperatures, any moisture in the dough is sealed off. This prevents the base of the dough from becoming soggy and results in a flavorful crust that’s puffy, yet soft and chewy.

Unique flavor – Only a wood-fired brick oven pizza imparts that unique smoky flavor that cannot be reproduced in a normal kitchen oven. The high temperature produces other flavors not achieved by slow cooking.

Crispier toppings – The intense heat and constant airflow generated in the brick oven seals and cooks the toppings evenly and quickly. The vegetable toppings will be crispier than those produced on pizzas made in a conventional oven.

Have you suddenly become very interested in beer and food pairings?

…We understand…

Good thing we built a new kitchen! Concoct your favorite combo with one of our many different brew styles and huge variety of food options from our new brick oven.

With over one dozen local craft beer selections on tap, we are always introducing something new for you! You’ll keep coming back to sample what’s new in our ever rotating lineup. Choose from more than ten fresh from the source beer styles to take home in cans or growlers. You can also try out a variety of wines from local Connecticut vineyards, as well as locally made hard cider and soda.

The taproom can comfortably fit both small and large groups of people between our indoor and covered patio seating areas.

Our taproom is family friendly. So if you want to bring your children along, the more the merrier!

Runway 24 American IPA


Broad Brook Brewing hosts a number of events throughout the year. From trivia nights to mug painting nights to Small Business Saturday to Small Brewery Sunday, we’re always busy!

Know the Right Answer

We’re locals operating a local business, and we’ve always believed in positive word of mouth exposure. The next time a friend asks you “Where can I get the best craft beer near me?” or “I need to find a great taproom near me for an upcoming event, do you have any suggestions?” you’ll have the right answer on the tip of your tongue: Broad Brook Brewing Company!

Our Promise to You

Our aim at Broad Brook Brewing is to continue what we’ve been doing since we first fell in love with local craft beer: brew the beers we love, share our creations with others, never stop trying new things, and connect with the people in our community. Broad Brook Brewing is about a shared passion, a place to bring your friends and family, a place to try good things and a place to meet good people.


Great service, beer and food.
My favorite for beer and dining.

David S.
Excellent atmosphere,friendly service, great beer what more could you ask for.
Alice G.
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Broad Brook Brewing Company

Our state of the art facility features two brewing systems, a 30 Barrel production system where we make almost 1000 gallons in a batch along with our 3 Barrel pilot system that makes 90 gallons in a batch.