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Do you know Zok?

Do You Know Zok?

Do you know Zok? Zok is our old friend Paul and he’s one of the OG’s of homebrewing in Connecticut. If you’ve ever been to a beer or wine festival, you’ve surely tasted some of Zok’s brews. We’ve been tinkering

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New Releases

3 New Releases

The next round of new releases are in the tank and coming soon! Be on the lookout for: – The first batch of NO BS Brown Ale since we moved – The return of Lucid Dreams Milkshake IPA – A

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What's in the Tank?

What’s in the Tank? – Coming December 30

On this episode of What’s in the Tank? We’re keeping Stout Season going strong and venturing into a whole new world of recipes for the first time. Coming December 30, 2020: Olmec Mayan Kakawa Stout – The Olmec were one

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December Happenings - new releases

December Happenings

December Happenings Greetings and Happy Holidays! We’re getting ready to close out the year with a huge run of new releases. This week we will hit 17 beers on tap with two more on the way, a new record! It’s

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Broad Brook Brewing 1/6 Kegs

We now have 1/6 Kegs

You’ve been asking for years and it’s finally here. We now have 1/6 Kegs (5.16 gallon “Logs”) available! Load up your home kegerator with these classic styles for the holidays. BROAD BROOK ALE PORTER’S PORTER MUNICH LAGER $80 + $30

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Broad Brook Brewing Company

Our state of the art facility features two brewing systems, a 30 Barrel production system where we make almost 1000 gallons in a batch along with our 3 Barrel pilot system that makes 90 gallons in a batch.